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Dale Morgan

Dr. Dale's Testimonial

 My first experience with chiropractic was as a young man, after being involved in several crashes while competing in motorcycle racing. I had frequent bouts of back and neck pain and the doctors I'd seen only prescribed medication and advised me to stop riding "those darn murdercycles...." (an exact quote from an emergency room MD).

 On the advise of a co-worker I saw a chiropractor who examined me and took x-rays of my spine. He explained how my spine had become misaligned or "subluxated," and how these subluxations of my spinal structure also affected the function of my body and nervous system. Before long, my back and neck pain had improved considerably, and I also noticed that I no longer had headaches, and the frequent sore throats I'd experienced were also much better. 

 I continued with regular chiropractic care, since I'd also continued with motorcycle riding and racing, and unfortunately a few crashes. I'd knock myself out of alignment, then the chiropractor would put me back together. Regular chiropractic "tune-ups" became a healthy part of my routine. I was also playing guitar in a band, and the stress of having a heavy guitar strapped on for hours at a time, also took a toll on my structural alignment. 

 My big career turning point happened after the birth of my daughter, Jennifer. Hers was a very difficult birth, and after over 20 hours of labor the doctors performed an emergency C-section. Within a few days Jenny was very congested, not nursing, losing weight and "failing to thrive." The doctors didn't seem to have a clue about what to do to help her. My mother-in-law had flown down to help after the birth and suggested taking the baby to a chiropractor. was one thing to get adjusted myself, but a tiny infant, just a few days old? After much soul-searching, I relented and we took Jenny to a local chiropractor to be evaluated. He found a severe misalignment in her upper neck, which may have been related to the long and difficult labor. The chiropractor very gently adjusted her neck, and after a few treatments she was very much improved. Later, when she started to walk, we noticed that she was "pigeon-toed" with her feet severely turned in. Again, with the help of some special shoe inserts and chiropractic adjustments, the problem was corrected. Jenny went on to become a competitive athlete and coach. 

I saw my career path clearly, I was meant to be a chiropractor and help others the way I and my family had been helped.

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